Before Installation – Uninstall the Previous Plug-in First


  1. Requires VQmod installed (Highly recommended –
  1. The default install assumes that your OpenCart Admin directory is in the ‘/admin/’ folder at the root of your OpenCart site.

If you have used a custom Admin path then please place all files from ‘betaout-opencart-ecommerce_*/admin/’ to your custom OpenCart Admin folder.


Opencart Plugin- Installation steps


  1. Click on the link given below

->Then Search betaout

-> Click on betaout Extension

-> And download the file according to site compatibility


  1. Unzip the downloaded file -> Upload the contents of the ‘betaout-opencart-ecommerce*’ directory to the root of your OpenCart site.
  1. Login to your OpenCart admin, Go to Extension Installer (Puzzle Piece Image) -> Click on Modules ¬†and click ‘Install’ next to ‘Betaout’.
  1. After successful installation, click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Betaout’, and on the settings page enter the details:
  2. a) “API Key” – This is your API Key , which you can get from Ideas & Docs
  3. b) “Betaout site id” – This is your Project Id, which you can get from Ideas & Docs

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