Learn about User Lifecycle


Your relationship with your users is in a continuum. The journey starts from a site visitor and continues to various lifecycle stages having different levels of engagement.

You should be optimising your user lifecycle at every stage of the relationship. Understanding user intent and establishing trust before pushing for sales always leads to higher conversion.

GetAmplify is built to help you group your users automatically in different lifecycle you define based on their engagement, profiles and intent.


Lifecycle Stage Page

Go to Lifecycle Stages

Add lifecycle stages based on your business type.

You can start with 6-7 lifecycles and can alway revisit this page later.

A lifecycle should be the building block for all your marketing campaigns. A user can only be in one lifecycle.


Adding a new Lifecycle Stage

Adding a new lifecycle is easy and intuitive.

Lets add a new lifecycle named “Potential Client”

Lifecycle Name:  Potential Client

Description: If a trial user, invites more than 2 team members, we believe that user has shown a great trust in our product. He has started collaboration and is ripe for sale. Also our plan starts with more than 2 team members.

Rules of how this lifecycle is added:

1. User Property Total_team_members is greater than 2


2. User Property plan “contains following words” free_plan


Note: You can add different properties and events shown in above example. This is just for illustrative purpose.



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