Make Your Emails More Engaging in Three Easy Steps

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective means which allow you to stay in touch with your customers. But keeping your subscribers actively engaged with your campaigns requires that you make the email relevant and as pleasant as possible for them. This can be done easily by using your customer preferences and actions to tailor your email according to their taste.

Personalizing the emails will not only increase your open rates but it will also increase your conversions. As per Aberdeen Group, “Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%”.


 1. Personalize the Subject Line 

A relevant, concise and personalized subject line will encourage your readers to open your email. On the contrary, if your subject line is not catchy enough your email will be deleted without being read.

As per research a personalized subject line increase the chances that an email will be opened. And once people will open your email you can easily engage them through your copy and move forward to the desired outcome. A simple way to make your subject line engaging is by adding a personal touch in it. Also, your subject line should clearly tell the customers what is in it for them and give them a reason to open your email immediately

Subject line can be personalized by adding the name of your recipient, but go beyond the first name and use their browsing and buying history to personalize the emails.  

Here are few examples from my inbox to show you how:

 This subject line is personalized both from my first name as well as browsing history.

This subject line encourages me to open the mail for two reasons. Firstly, it is personalized on the basis of my preferences as it’s informing me about a item which i have liked earlier but couldn’t buy at that time as it was out of stock. Secondly, it is also creating a slight urgency which is a great motivator and which encourages me to open it instantly.

The thing which makes this subject line different from the others is that Dorothy Perkins have personalized a normal sale email by adding my first name in it.


2. Create Personalized Messages

Just because your readers’ have opened your email doesn’t mean they will actually read your email. Your content has to interest them enough to read your complete email. To make your content interesting and appealing to your customers you need to personalize your message. As per Aberdeen Group, “75% of consumers like it when brands personalize messaging and offers”. Personalization can increase your engagement as well as conversions as customers will read email messages if they think you are paying attention to what they are interested in purchasing. Here is an example of WilliamsSonama:

Subject line: Thanks For Your Interest In: WILLIAMS-SONOMA SPRING LOLLIPOPS


The subject line as well as the copy of this email is personalized according to my browsing history. 


3. Add Social Sharing Buttons in Your Email

Your customers are real people treat them as one. As you like sharing content on social platforms so does they. Make it easy for them to share your email on social media platforms. Also encourage them to follow you on your main social profiles by including your social media links in email. Given below is an example from

Zoom gives you an option to share this email with your network. Also at the bottom of the email they have included links to their social media profiles to encourage people to stay connected.