Mapping Important User Events

Custom event data allows you to track any kind of action that is important to your business. For example, you could track “signup”, “play video”, “payment”, and any other critical actions that you would like to analyse and use as criteria for segmentation.


What is an Event

To understand your user behaviour, it’s extremely important to track any kind of action they perform on your site or app which is important to your business. For example, you could track “signup”, “visited pricing page”, “played video”, “downloaded a file” or any important action. 

These actions are called Events.

Based on these events, you can easily group users on who have performed these critical events, or those who have not performed. We will discuss it more in User Segments section.

Mapping User Events

You can send custom events to us through our API. But there is another simpler and non-technical way. 

As soon as you have installed our Javascript Code on your Site or APP, we start tracking all events done by all users. We have already defined three major event types –  Pageviews, Clicks and Form Submission. 



Step 1: Go to Event Feed page in Insights.



Step 2: Browse the Event Feed

On this page you will see a feed of the most current user events happening on your site or app. All you need to do is simply map events important to your business. 



Step 3: Select the event you want to save. 

Let’s save the event – when a user is filling up the sign-up form


Give Event a name and describe it. 

You can even map the properties of the user performing that event. (only for Form Submission Event Type)

Save it. We had retro-actively mapped all events in the past as well.