Marketing Ideas for Fashion & Retail E-commerce


  1. First time visitor benefits : A strategy to attract new users to the site. This is often used by majorly all e-commerce sites, but tracking those who have visited the site but not registered, can get those people to transact from the website.



2. Giving selection in Newsletter also helps decide preferences of the buyers. This way the newsletters won’t go into SPAM and can effectively help target the right audience.

  1. Offers targeting specific categories of buyers can also help target audience using segmentation functionality effectively. Following is an example targeting Students. Their authenticity can be verified by confirming the university emails of the students. Same can be applicable for working people (Off on Formal wear) – by taking their respective business emails – to verify.


  1. Releasing campaigns according to the body shape of different people makes it more relatable for people to buy clothes. This is one of the ways to design campaigns, and target greater audience.

*Will help increase greater clicks and converts on the pages.*


  1. Starting campaigns which showcase more than one option to choose from and different offers on different categories, can also allure buyers towards the website. This is a compact design to showcase different offers running at a particular period of time – which helps users to glance through all offers at one place itself.



  1. Spin the wheel – Such offers can be used for cosmetics industry. Multiple offers can be brought to display in fun and interactive ways like so.

*This will also contribute to creating urgency and could cover a greater customer base along with greater customer interests.*


  1. Starting timer based campaigns for limited offers or deals might more than regular attract customers/business. Such communication helps in creating “urgency of buying”. This communication can be sent both in Email as well as On-Site. Used more for low stock items/items on discount.


8. Birthday or Anniversary offer campaigns are very lucrative for buyers since these deals come once in a year (or a period of time as decided by the website) – *creates urgency in the users and also helps increase traffic.*




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