Marketing Ideas for B2B ecommerce Marketplace


1. One of the ways to intrigue new customers/business, is by organizing various contests or lucky draws. A celebration offer or on-coming of a new season might sound like a good idea. In our current campaigns we have an average click rate of less than 0.4%. However when we sent a campaign with actionable i.e. in one of the cases when we sent a campaign with promocode/offering, we saw the clicks rising from 0.4% to upto 3%. So a contest/lucky draw can Help increase clicks on the website and subscriptions for newsletter*



  1. Starting timer based campaigns for limited offers or deals might more than regular attract customers/business. Such communication helps in creating “urgency of buying”. This communication can be sent both in Email as well as On-Site. Used more for low stock items/items on discount.



3.Social initiatives have been a recent trend lately. Has Ralali been into any such initiative or partnership with dealers dealing in the same?  If yes, as a suggestion, we can have campaigns taking in certain social initiatives for example, “Go Green” – which can target those suppliers or dealers who deal in eco-friendly products such as “Building materials”, “Office accessories” or “Beauty and cosmetics”. This will attract some nature lovers to the website as well, and  works for a greater cause (Another way of Branding too)


Adding examples for your reference.



4.Brand Affinity Campaigns : We can start campaigns, by targeting those customers who traverse through certain brands but do not convert. Those customers will be sent newsletters with the blogs and news as on to help increase conversions. Also Intent based campaigns lead to higher conversions.


5.We can also design campaigns based on weekly most popular brands/products, and subsequently add the page link alongside each brand. This will help customers keep updated with the latest trends and business in market, which in return will be used to attract customers to the website.


  1.  Indiamart introduced a popup to filter deeper into the requirements of its customers so that they can mail them later regarding similar offers.



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