How To Use Numeric Targeting In Betaout Onsite Targeting



When a customer engages on your online store while browsing or making a purchase, there are a number of variable elements which get updated dynamically in real-time.

For ex: cart value, no. of products in cart, product price etc.

These dynamic properties remain unique to each and every user, based on how they behave on your store.

What if you could target customers based on these properties, which are a) unique for every user, and b) get dynamically updated in real-time?

The newest addition to the array of targeting properties available in Betaout does exactly that.

  • What is Numeric Targeting?

Numeric Targeting refers to a targeting condition which allows you to display on-site engagement tool on your website’s pages based on the variable or invariable numeric value(s) present on the page’s various elements.

Simply put, it is a condition to trigger the on-site engagement tools on your website in response to the numerical values available on the page.

Numeric Targeting allows you to use on-site engagement tools dynamically, based on the numeric conditions you know in advance.

How It Works

When numeric targeting is set-up for on on-site engagement campaign, the Betaout JS Code parses the entire web page. Once the prerequisite conditions for the on-site engagement campaign are met, Betaout triggers the campaign activities and the instance is shown to the end-user.



1. On-Site Campaign On Cart Checkout Page Offering Free Shipping If Cart Value Is Close To “Free Shipping” criteria.

Let’s suppose your online store has free shipping on a purchase of Rs. 499 & above and a customer has items worth Rs. 300 in their cart. Using Numeric Targeting condition, you can configure an On-Site Engagement tool encouraging them to buy for Rs. 199 more to be shown.

Numeric Targeting

2. Discount Offer On Purchase Of Higher Value On Product Description Page Using An On-Site Engagement Tool.

If a customer is buying one product, such as shoes worth Rs. 2499 or any other numeric value – you can trigger an on-site engagement tool with a discount offer on purchase of higher value. This can be quite beneficial for upselling opportunities.

Numeric Targeting

3. Creating Urgency Around A Discounted Product Based On Discount Value/Percentage Using An On-Site Engagement Tool.

Suppose one of your products is on 50% discount. Now, you can trigger an on-site engagement tool creating urgency such as a timer which says “2 days left” for this offer. Numeric Targeting can be configured to trigger based on the discount percentage or value of any discounted product.

Numeric Targeting

  • How To Set-up Numeric Targeting In Betaout On-Site Marketing?

To set-up Numeric Targeting capability in Betaout On-Site Marketing, follow the steps shared in Betaout’s product guide article series for the type of On-Site Marketing campaign you wish to set-up:



Once you’re on the Target page, follow the steps given below:

Numeric Targeting

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the Target page to TARGETING CONDITIONS FOR NUMERIC and click on the expand (+) icon.

Numeric Targeting

Numeric Targeting

Step 2: Enter the URL of the page where you wish to trigger the campaign.

Numeric Targeting

Step 3: Click on Pick Selector to choose the element of the page you wish to target for numeric targeting.

Numeric Targeting

For example, we’ve chosen the element Total

Numeric Targeting

Step 4: App Selector Code is a dynamic code used to target the element on your website. The tool will pick the app selector code automatically, based on the element you selected.

Numeric Targeting

Step 5: Now you have to set the final targeting conditions such as amount and criteria.

Numeric Targeting

I. Choose the content in the element that you wish to target. For ex: for a cart checkout page – we have chosen Total

II. Target Condition is Greater Than, Less Than or Exactly

III. Target is the numeric value you wish to choose

Step 6: Click on Save & Next to go to the next step in setting up your campaign.

Numeric Targeting