Overview of Betaout Marketing Automation Tool

Marketing Automation Software

Every user engaging with you either on your website, mobile site, application, through email, or on social media is a real person. As a marketer, webmaster or a business owner, if your messaging is not targeted and personalised – its annoying and irrelevant. It’s no secret that the more personalised you can get with your messages and offers to a client, higher is the conversion.

But personalisation is hard. It requires great technical skills, expensive hardware, data crunching power, big data analysis and server level integration.

But not anymore.

Betaout Marketing Automation tool makes this personalisation super easy. All you have to do is install a simple javascript code (just like Google Analytics) or install a (plug and play) plugin (WordPress or Magento) and you are ready to go.

Engagement Platform

Any interaction you have with your user is a form of engagement. This interaction can happen on multiple platforms including your website, mobile site, newsletter, social media, mobile app etc. The Engagement platform by Betaout Marketing Automation provides you ready apps that can increase these interactions many folds on various mediums.

These apps are very easy to customise. They come with dozens of different themes, so that every app’s look and feel matches your online properties. You can also personalise each app with a unique message for each user easily based on his behaviour history. It requires no additional coding, integration or server setup. The simple javascript code or ready plugin you have installed in step 1 is all it needs.

User Behavioural Data and Auto-Segmentation

When a user visits your website, interacts on social media, opens or clicks emails, fills a form, makes a purchase, upgrades or downgrades his account, comments on your blog, takes a survey, share your webpages or performs any similar activity on your web properties – Betaout Marketing Automation tool collects this data and enriches your user profile automatically. This historical data of user activity is called User Behavioural data.

As a result of User Behavioural data, you can define user segments based on similar profiles in Betaout Marketing Automation tool.

Segments Examples

High Value “female customers” from France Users whose gender is female, lives in France and have made a purchase above $500
Slipping Away Users who have visited your site more than 10 times but have not interacted with you in last 30 days
Sneezers Users who have bought more than 20 visitors by sharing your content
Influencers Users whose Klout score >50 or Users whose Twitter followers > 1000

Creating a segment is extremely simple. Just define your rules and we will continuously add or remove users from segments based on what they do or what they don’t.

How everything works together

Marketing Automation

At the core, Betaout Marketing Automation tool has a Behavioural database of your users which is updated in real time with every activity your user does.

On top of the Behavioural database, we have a Personalisation engine which consists of User Segments defined by you besides few other parameters.

The Apps you create, Emails you sent, Social Media campaigns you run, and every engagement activity you do is part of our Engagement platform. The best part about this engagement platform is that every app, every engagement can be personalised for your users in real time.

Now you have access to the cutting edge technology to make sure you touch base with your users in the right way, at the right time, with the right information.

Wish you great conversions ahead. Check out Betaout Marketing Automation tool now.