Overview of Users


We have put users in the centre for the entire system.

Every user who interacts with your site is assigned a unique profile. Until we know more about him – an alias is assigned to him (for e.g. Visitor 451).

There are two types of user profiles

1. Identified user – a user whose email address is known or is assigned a unique userID.

2. Visitor or Anonymous user – every anonymous user is assigned an alias.



A user profile contains various properties associated with him – things like his email address, age, city, ‘is he a email subscriber’, ‘where has he come from’, etc. You can segment (group) users based on these properties.

GetAmplify automatically identifies many properties based on user’s email address and his interactions with your website.


User Lifecycle

User Lifecycle Stages

Every user has a different engagement level with you. Starting his journey from an unknown visitor to a paying customer customer or an evangelist; these different small milestones in user’s journey are called lifecycle stages.

The purpose of the customer lifecycle is to define and communicate the stages through which a customer progresses when considering, purchasing and using products, and the associated business processes a company uses to move the customer through the customer lifecycle.

We provide you some default lifecycle stages, but you add, edit or delete lifecycle stages easily through the admin panel.



Whenever a user visits your site, a session is created. All the actions he do on your website(s) are recorded in that session. A session length is of 30 minutes.

If someone leaves your site, and then returns within 30 minutes, his visit (an action) will be recorded in the existing session. On the other hand if he returns after 30 minutes, a new session will be started and all his actions will be recorded in new session.


Any action performed by the user on your site is an event. Amplify records a number of events automatically but you can also add any number of custom events you want.

User Profile Page

A snapshot of how a user profile page looks.


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