Product Review Emails

An email campaign doesn’t ends with the sale. Post purchase emails plays a vital role in the customer lifecycle and is a great way to keep in touch with your old customers to build a loyal customer base. The post purchase review emails are a great way to get feedback from your old customers. Customer feedback not just adds credibility to your company but also helps in making your product pages standout and helps you to boost your search engine rankings. Customer reviews also play a key role in influencing other prospects evaluating possible purchases and serves as testimonials. 

Product review emails have been proven to provide the second highest conversion rate next to Abandon cart emails. And, customers who add a review reportedly go on to make another purchase. But, the 2014 MICROS Multi-channel Retail Delivery Report found that 67% of retailers did not ask for any kind of review. Only 20% of the retailers sent an e-mail requesting a product review. There’s a big opportunity lying on the table.


1. Nordstorm Personalises its Post Purchase Review Email 

Nordstorm has personalised its review email by including customer’s first name in the subject line “[First Name] We’d Love to Hear About Your Recent Purchase (Order No.). The copy also includes the picture & details of the purchased product, and order number with a strong call to action “Review Now.” The message headline “Share Your Experience” is convincing enough to get them inclined to add a review. The retailer has further included “Take Survey” link to review the whole shopping experience with a secondary call to action. 


2. Amazon’s Review Email is Simple & Effective

Amazon’s approach to asking for reviews is as simple as it can get. The email subject line includes the purchased products to generate a higher open rate.  Amazon has built a simple email that shows customers their recently purchased products and with its star rating system it has made it extremely easy to jump-start the review process. 



3. Amazon’s Post Purchase Product Review is Convincing & Helpful

No wonder Amazon is known for its product reviews. This post purchase email asking for a customer review strikes an emotional cord by mentioning “your review will help other customers.” The email is persoanlized with the first name of the customer and starts with a “Thank You” note outlining how to submit a review to help you jumpstart the process. The primary call to action stands out in a bold yellow button.



4. Delightful Deliveries Makes it Simple to Submit a Review

Delightful Deliveries are driven by customer-ratings rather rather than detailed reviews, which means customers won’t mind submitting a quick Yes/No review. Though these reviews are not as helpful as Amazon reviews to boost search engine rankings, but it does helps in getting customer feedback to improve conversions. There is also an option to write a detailed review.



5. Sephora’s Review Email is Appealing with a Creative Copy

Sephora’s post purchase review message is appealing in design with a succinct yet personalised and powerful copy that portrays the customer as an expert and giving them some appreciation for their shopping items picks. The email even includes a sample rating & review in a pop up “I adore how bright this shadow is!” to appeal the customers to add their own review.

Sephora has also included links to their social media platforms in the review email, so those customers who had a good experience can share their content or refer the brand to their friends. 



6. Zappos Inviting Review Email  

Zappos ‘Help Others! Write a Review’ campaign is crafted to appeal to the subscribers altruistic tendencies by keeping it all about helping others to make a buying decision. The email copy is compelling but not pushy at all. The primary CTA stands out in bold orange color with creative CTA copy “Yes, I want to help!” The email also includes useful customer support links in its pre-header to build brand loyalty.



7. M&S Review Email

Marks & Spencer review email is effective because it has clean & professional design, as well as a playful subject line. Another nice touch to this post purchase review email is that it has only one call to action button which leaves no room for distraction. 



8. The Body Shop Review Email Includes an Offer

The Body Shop highlights the benefits on the top of the email to entice customers to write a review. The color combination of the email captures the essence of the brand which builds the branding. The primary call to action is clear & strong and the retailer has used the additional space to upsell by showing a product recommendation without coming across as pushy.



9. ModCloth Review Email is Basic 

The simple email is all about connecting with the customers. The clear and prominent call to action make this email more effective.



10. OLD NAVY Review Email

The email is personalized with the customer’s first name with an effective copy convincing you to add your own review. Showing a clear call to action on the top increases its impact and sets clear expectations. Each purchased item is listed with a “Write a review now” to get started with the review process.