Promotional Emails in Different Flavors Part 2

If you’re an ecommerce retailer or online marketer, you’re probably already sending promotional emails. But, depending on your email cadence, you might be sending your  subscribers a number of promotional emails every month, so here’s how you can make these email messages stand out from the crowd?

If your emails are well designed they will always capture the recipient’s attention. But, in case of promotional emails it’s especially important to quickly grab the recipients’ attention as these emails can be easily ignored or deleted.

We have already shown you five striking promotional emails in part 1. Here are five more real life examples to show you how to do it right, so that your promotional emails get the success you are aiming for.


1. Showcase Your Products like Godiva



 Subject Line: Be the most pop-ular parent!

Love emails like this one from Godiva that include images that are so well shot. The products are so nicely and tantalizingly displayed that they can whet anyone’s attention.  The CTA as well as the social share links are also kept in the same color as product images so that they don’t look distracting and perfectly gel with the image.

The photography of this email draws you in and the copy is just enough to induce you to explore more. Very nicely done.


2. Be Minimalistic yet Elegant like DKNY



Images play a very important role in email marketing and more so in the case of promotional emails. DKNY clearly knew this thing, its image is giving me a reason to shop. Instead of cluttering their email real estate with too many option, they chose to highlight a simple but elegant image that grabbed my attention, and they’ve used a clean background so that it won’t take away the attention from the product. 

The CTA of this email is very sweet and beautiful even though they haven’t used a bold color but it still sticks out. 


3. Use Product Images without Going Overboard like Banana Republic


Subject line: Accents in the color of the moment.

The subject line that accompanied this email from Banana Republic, it drew me right in. Also, they’ve effectively utilized the preheader space, “Latest accessories, latest shade-navy!”. Then, the design of the email was perfect, even though they’ve included multiple product images but the design doesn’t looks cluttered at all.

Action oriented CTA’s, simple and minimal design, nicely photographed product images showing real people made it enticing.


4. Place Your CTA like Hobbs


Subject line: The freshest dresses for hot days

I received this email from Hobbs in the middle of the Summer. The subject line of this mail provided me a solid reason to open it. Who doesn’t want to wear freshest dresses on hot days? When I opened this email it captured my attention with its fabulous product imagery. Also, they’ve included the price of the products in the email to make it easier for me to take a decision. All the product images and price links are clickable. Good work!


5. Be Simply Awesome like UncommonGoods


Subject line: Cool & Colorful

UncommonGoods clearly knows that eye-catching images are a great way to appeal to your recipient’s visual nature. As soon as I opened this email the headline and the imagery made me spellbound. The products are so tantalizingly displayed in imagery that I immediately clicked on it. All the images and link in this email are clickable, the only thing that i didn’t like about this email is that there basically aren’t any CTA buttons in it.