Promotional Emails in Different Flavors Part 3

Promotional emails are the most effective way to stay in touch with your audience and also encourage them to buy from you. But rather than abusing this medium, learn the secrets to make your promotional mails effective without being annoying. We have earlier shown you some great examples of promotional emails. Here are few more real life examples to provide you inspiration and inject some life into your own promotional email campaigns.


1. Be Different & Persuasive like Banana Republic


Subject line: No matter the weather, wear leather.

I love this email from Banana Republic. It’s clean, subtle and catchy all at the same time. The subject line of this message is very creative & persuasive, and rather than just plain selling, the copy is created to influence the subscriber with its expert tone.

The message is divided in sections to separate products from offers, and they have used good quality images and great colors to make it enticing and worth scrolling. 


2. Make it Interesting like Nine West


Subject line: On the prowl for new shoes? Start hunting…

The subject line of this email from Nine West is very direct and provocative, which induced me to open it. As soon as I opened the mail it captured my attention with its subtle color, imagery and dominating content. The use of different color palette and theme helped to make it stand out in the inbox, and at the same time, the retailer has kept things simple. Very nicely done.


3. Use a Concept like Loeffler Randall


Subject line: Black to Basic

I received this email from Loeffler Randall on July 24th. The preheader text, “Beat the heat in all black pieces that are just plain cool. Enjoy free ground shipping,” encouraged me to open it. The mail is very short and clean in design; the focus of the message is kept on the CTA which is in direct contrast to the background to make it pop out in the message. Even though they’ve included just one CTA in the email but they’ve ensured that all the images are clickable and so they will work as secondary CTAs in this mail.


4. Be Creative With Your Color & Font like Piperlime

Subject line: BELIEVE IT. 25% off our favorite fall must-haves.

This email is perfect example of how to entice people to shop. The mail is loaded with 6 Must-Haves and other than the image they’ve also used text to encourage readers to take the desired action. Also, they’ve used the fonts and color in a manner that it stands out in the inbox.

Another thing which makes this email great is that they’ve kept the focus of the mail on the CTA. Even though it’s potentially a long email, but by focusing on the CTA at the top of the email it has ensured that no one misses it. 


5. Use Urgency in Your Subject Line like J.Crew

Subject line: This supersweet sale ends tomorrow

This email from J.Crew is short and sweet. They’ve designed the email in a refreshing way to make it look fresh & command attention. The mail is centered around one call to action, “SHOP AWAY” and ensures that the entire image is clickable which is a good way to drive people to their site and check their sale.

So, instead of sending drab promotional emails with on-the-face selling, it’s time to get creative get your customers to take a specific action in a appealing way.