Promotional Emails

Stats says, 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. Promotional emails are one of the simplest and effective marketing tool to keep in touch with your subscribers. Promotional emails can help you announce a new product, new offers, deals and promote your exisitng products to your list members. They should be crafted in a manner that they are useful, timely, relevant and unique to your members. These emails should have a strong call to action and they should create a sense of urgency.


1. Bebe Promotional Email Announces a New Offer

Bebe, the women’s apparel and accessories store promotional email is a good example of how to create a sense of urgency. The retailer has clearly highlighted the limited period offer to get the subscribers to take desired action. The email also remind the user that the voucher can be printed or can be kept on the mobile to use in the store at checkout.



2. Loft Promotional Email is Simple yet Catchy

With a clear call-to-action at the top, the women clothing store also includes the benefit reader will get by taking that action. The second call to action is also extremely clear and incentivize the reader to take the desired action. The design of the email is very clean yet catchy with great image and color scheme.



3. Calvin Klein Promotional Email is Simple Yet Effective

The upscale fashion house has kept its promotional email minimalistic and easy to read. The email creates a sense of urgency and includes a clear call to action which tell the readers what they have to do. The email also give the option to readers to promote it on various social platforms which is the ultimate way to increase its reach.



4. FashionAndYou Promotional Email is Appealing

FashionAndYou promotional email has effectively used image to convey its message. The email offers a clear call to action button with a well used text and the button is well placed on a clear background to put the focus on it.



 5. Jetsetter Promotional Email  Uses Adorable Imagery

The luxury travel site has used a very clear and prominent call to action in its promotional email with inducing images “That Are Worth a Thousand Words” to encourage people to take the desired action.



6. Fabkids Promotional Email Creates Effective Image Using Real People

Fabkids is a kids clothing store who is trying to win back buyers who left the website due to out of stock products. It’s also trying to create a urgency by telling them that the popular product in the mail may sell out.



7. HOUSE OF FRASER Promotional Email

This email is great because it recognizes that even your engaged customers need to know your new offers and deals. As a reminder it has sent the top products and offers of the week to encourage people to visit the site again.


8. PIPERLIME Promotional Email is Simply Stunning

The online retail company promotes their “Free Shipping & Returns” along with their current discount offer. The design of the mail is clean and minimalist with prominent call to action buttons. To create a sense of urgency it has clearly mentioned that the offers is valid for only 2 days.


9. SHEfinds Promotional Email is Simple Yet Catchy

SHEfinds has used it mail to promote its giveaways. The subject line of the mail is hard to miss. The email is eye catchy with a color combination that stands out in the inbox.


10. AVEDA Inviting Promotional Email 

Clean layout with lots of products to choose from along with an effective subject line. The email also integrates social media to engage the user without coming across as sales-centric.




11. RUE LA LA Promotional Email

Visually compelling email with subtle calls to actions. The pre-header creates urgency by including the limited period free shipping offer. Study says, the email subscribers are more likely to act on a “Free Shipping” offer than a discount offer. The email also includes a referral offer and links to its social media platforms in the email right sidebar.



12. Saks fifth Avenue Sale Email is Informative 

The retailers promotional email is informative and clearly explains the different sales offered in different categories. The header creates urgency with the limited period offer. 



13. Woolrich Sale Email Offers Basic Segmentation Making it Convenient to Shop

A visually appealing email with a great mix of colors and clear layout showing major discount offers.



14. Stride Rite Sale Email is Basic

Clean and concise email with prominent call to action buttons & special font in the message to create urgency. The pre-header includes a “Forward to a Friend” link nudging the subscriber to share further. The footer includes few other useful links.



15. THE BODY SHOP Sale Email

A visually appealing email with an image that conveys the essence of the sale campaign.



16. SELFRIDGES Sale Email

Crisp, clean email that could appeal to a larger subscriber base by visualizing multiple product categories.



17. DoggyLoot Promotional Email Uses the Right Formatting

DoggyLoot promotional email is well structured and has clear CTA’s buttons leading up to the landing page communicating the next step clearly. Each product listed in the email shows the discounted price to outline the benefit of taking an instant action and creating urgency. The footer includes the links to their social media platforms inviting the subscribers to be a part of their social media community and also includes an opt-out with an unsubscribe link.