Recommendation Engine



Following are the steps involved in setting up the Recommendation Engine:


  1. Go to settings -> Recommendation Engine -> Settings
  2. Enable the Recommendation Engine option
  3. It will take a minimum of 100 Purchase and Viewed Product events for minimum training to be completed.
  4. Once the training is complete, the user should be shown all the templates for the recommendation engine.
  5. Enable the template the user wants to use.
  6. Enable Cross-sell and Upsell templates from the Settings page.Select the number of products the user wants to recommend.Also, the user can include or exclude particular products in a template.
  7. Click on Onsite > CTA
  8. Click on Create Campaign and Enter name of campaign
  9. On Template page >Pop-up/Pull-Out/Inline/Banner > Recommendation 1/2/3 Template
  10. Enable the Recommendation panel on the left-hand side.
  11. Click on the product to edit the look and feel of the template.
  12. Define the targeting as per requirements.
  13. User should have options to activate, schedule and inactivate the campaign.
  14. Activate the campaign and view it on the client website.
  15. The onsite instance(Pop-Up/Pull-Out/Inline/Banner) should be shown as per targeting placed.
  16. For a Both the templates, the number of products would as per fixed on the settings page.
  17. In case of template recommendation is less than the number of recommendation products, the rest of the products should be taken from Top-seller products.
  18. Check for Viewed and clicked events on Betaout panel and conversion as per purchase events thereby.