Retarget Your Lost Customers with these Emails

Research shows normally ecommerce visitors don’t get converted in the very first visit. As per AdRoll, “On average, 98% of ecommerce shoppers leave without converting.” Whenever someone comes to your website and leaves it without purchasing you should be sending them an email, it is a good way to stay in touch with them and encourage them to come back to your site. The chances of these people buying from your site increase the more they interact with you. And, if you can bring them back to your site again and again you’re more likely to get a sale.

Here are four types of emails which you can send to these lost customers to induce them to revisit your site.


1. Browse Follow-up Email

These emails are sent to people who have browsed product(s) on your site and left your site without completing the conversion goal you have set for them. Remarketing to these people is a good idea as it increases your chances of conversions as these people have already shown some interest in your product by browsing it. Here is an example of browse abandonment email done right:


Subject line: Thanks For Your Interest In: WILLIAMS-SONOMA SPRING LOLLIPOPS

Williams-Sonama sent me this email the day i left the browsing session on their site. The email includes the image and link of the product which I browsed on their site along with few customer favorites to induce me to visit their site again. The thing which makes this email so effective is that it has two clear and well placed CTAs and even the image of the item is clickable.

Here is one more example of Browse follow-up-email:

Subject line: Your recently viewed items

Pacsun sends this email when you browse something on their website. The mail has few great things going for it: Minimalist yet effective design, simple but alluring CTA buttons, and link to their social media profiles.


2. Back in Stock Email

These emails are sent to intimate people that an item(s) they liked but could not buy earlier as it was out of stock at that time, is back in stock know. They offer you an opportunity to entice these lost consumers to revisit your site and give you a chance to serve them again. Take a look at this email from



Subject line: Hurry! Items from your Wishlist are back in stock has used a simple but effective subject line . Also, they have effectively utilized the preheader space to convey to the recipient that it’s important to act fast.

The copy of the email is concise yet effective and they have included just two sentence of copy before showing recipient the item which was out of stock earlier. The focus of the mail is kept on the items and CTA which is good way to catch recipients attention and lure them back to your site.


3. Suggestion Based on Wait list Items

When a product is out of stock in your ecommerce store, there’s a good chance that people looking for it will go elsewhere to find it. Rather than losing these people permanently you can send them related product suggestions base on those wait list items, to pull these people back to your site. Take a look at this email from


Subject line: More items like Catherine Malandrino Silk Eyelet A-line Dress send you suggestions through emails when you add something in their wait list. Right from the subject line to the copy of the mail they makes it crystal clear what is in it for you.

The body of the email is warm, short and friendly, but contains every detail about the suggested product from size, color to price to make it easy for the recipient to take a decision. 


4. Cart Abandonment Email

According to SalesCycle reports, “The average order value was 58% higher for purchases from basket abandonment emails compared with direct sales.” So without much ado, it can be said, cart abandoners should be the foremost segment to be retargeted by the marketers. Here is an example:


Subject line: Your shopping bag is ready and waiting…

Madewell does a good job with its cart abandonment email, the tone of the email is friendly and conversational. They have intelligently repeated the CTAs throughout the email still kept the focus on the primary CTA. Also they have personalized the copy by including the image of the item left in the shopping bag to make it more enticing.


Hope these emails will give you a dose of inspiration and will help you in retargeting your lost customers.