How To Set-Up Recurring Email Campaign



Creating a Recurring Email Campaign in Betaout’s email marketing automation software is fairly simple, start here:


Step 1: In the Email Marketing tab on your dashboard, click on Campaigns.             


Step 2: Choose Recurring from the Campaign Options and click on Create Campaign.


Step 3: Enter a Campaign Title as desired and move on to next step.


Step 4: Choose a template which is suitable for your purpose from the list of Pre-designed Templates. You can also choose Custom Drag HTML if you wish to code your own custom HTML.


Step 5: Click to expand “How to customize an Email in the WYSIWYG Editor and learn how to design and compose your email. Proceed to the next step by clicking on Save & Next.


Step 6: Now you’ll be required to choose the target audience for this campaign by creating segments based upon targeting properties.  

  • Click on Add New “And” Condition to include users who meet ALL of the targeting properties. Click on Add New “Or” Condition to include users who meet ANY of the targeting properties.
  • From the drop down menu, start creating targeting properties as required by you.
  • Add as many properties as you want. The campaign will be targeted to your customers based upon the conditions and properties set by you.

Note: You can add an additional email IDs for this campaign as well. Expand the Add More Email Address box and enter the email addresses.

Click on Save & Next to proceed.
Step 7: Define a schedule for your email campaign in this menu by entering the required attributes. Click on Schedule to activate the campaign.


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