Setting up Amazon SES to use with Betaout

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is is a highly scalable and cost-effective service. It’s nearly 100 times cheaper than any traditional email marketing tool. Amazon has an amazing infrastructure and we recommend you to use it for email marketing service.

To install Amazon SES you need to follow these five simple steps.

Step 1: Sign up for Amazon Web Service (AWS) and get your Access Key and Secret

1. Visit Amazon Web Service (AWS) and sign up for a free user account.
2. Go to Security Credentials to get Access Key and Secret as shown in the Screenshot.


Email marketing tool
3. Create an IAM (Identity and Access Management) user in your IAM console for GetAmplify who has limited permission.


Email marketing tool

4. Create a user with Name “Amplify” and then click the create button.


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5. Get your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from the next window (shown below) and save them in your GetAmplify settings. Make sure you copy them correctly.

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SUPER IMPORTANT: Please save them carefully.


6. Give permission for SES and SNS to new user “Amplify“. The new created user has to be explicitly given permission to use your SES and SNS.

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7. Find “Amazon SES Full Access” and “Amazon SNS Full Access” from Policy Templates. Then click attach Policy.
You might have to search in the given options.

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8. Now click on Apply Policy.

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9. You need to do same for “Amazon SNS Full Access” again.

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10. After successfully attaching both policies you will have a similar screen.

Email marketing tool


This means you have successfully created AWS credentials and have been allowed required access to GetAmplify.



Step 2: Verifying your email address or domain so that Amazon AWS can start sending emails

You can either verify email address(ees) or domain(s) with Amazon SES to start sending emails.

Also ensure that your account has production access. You can request for having production access by clicking this link.

If your requirement is larger than sending 10,0000 emails per day, request for extended access after receiving production access to further increase your limit.

Difference between verifying domain or email address


Verifying Email Address Verifying Domain
Description Amazon SES needs to ensure you own the email address that you are going to use to send emails to your users. Amazon SES ensures that email addresses corresponding to a specific domain is administered by you.
Advantage You can use free email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail etcVery quick to setup. Amazon SES will send an email containing verification link to your email. You will have your own branding with all emails you will send.You can use unlimited emails per domain, and need not verify any email address.
Disadvantage Your users will see “sent via amazonses” branding in all emails they receive. Need some basic technical knowledge to setup. You also need DNS panel for your domain.


1. Go to Amazon SES Console.

2. Select Email addresses or Domains under “Verified Senders” as shown in the screenshot below.


3. Start Verification of Email address.


4. Finish verification of email.


5. Start verification of Domains


6. Enter your domain name and keep DKIM key generation checked. You need to fill these DKIM keys in DNS control panel of your domain.DKIM key for your domain.


7. CNAME and DKIM key updation of a domain may take upto 24 hours to reflect.



8. Ensure DKIM-Signing is “enabled for the domain“.



9. If it is disable – do following steps:-

Click on Search icon in front of the domain.


Enable DKIM for the domain.



Step 3: Save your Access Credentials created in Step 1 in your Amplify Server

1. Go to Email Server Setup in amplify by clicking this link.

2. Click on “Setup” button for Amazon SES.




3. Enter your Amazon Credentials.


4. Your Amazon SES email channel is ready and working.


If you have done all steps correctly, you will see Amazon SES Email quota and other important information.


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