Setting up your Email Sending


Before you can start sending personalized emails to your users, you need to set up email sending.

You can choose multiple options out of these four methods.


1. Gmail/Google Apps

You can use Gmail account or your company’s Google Apps account for sending emails to your users. Gmail has imposed a limit of sending 200 emails a day. We use Google Oauth, and will never have access to your password.


2. Amazon Web Service (SES)

Take advantage us Amazon’s highly scalable and cost-effective service (Amazon Simple Email Service). It’s nearly 100x cheaper than any traditional email marketing company. Amazon has an amazing infrastructure and we recommend you to use it. Learn about Setting up Amazon SES to use with Betaout here.


3. SMTP Server

You can use your corporate smtp servers or use services like Mandrill, Sendgrid, PostmarkApp for sending emails. Most services come with a free plan of around 12,000 – 25,000 monthly free emails.


4. Betaout Server

You can use our default Email server for sending emails. We charge you up to 0.7 USD per 1000 emails. Please note all emails will be sent via “”


Comparison of various methods


Gmail/Google Apps Amazon Web
Service (SES)
SMTP Server Betaout Default
Price Free for Gmail and $50 per user for Gmail Apps $0.1 per 1000 emails Range from $1 to $0.5 per 1000 emails $0.5 – $0.7 per 1000 emails
Sending Limit 200 emails per day per account Starts from 10,000 emails per day. Per limit increases very fast if you send above your quota You can buy as much credit you want, depending on your service provider. No limit
Deliverability Extremely reliable Great infrastructure. Amazon SES uses a dedicated range of IP addresses and is more effectively policed. Depends on provider to provider. Extremely reliable, but we are biased.
Advantages – Single click setup

– 99.99% inbox delivery

– No branding

– Needs few fairly simple steps to signup

– Very affordable

– Great infrastructure

– You can use your Domain and email address

– No branding

– Your sending limit is unlimited from day one.

– No branding

– No setup required
Disadvantages – Only 200 emails per day limit – Initial limit of 10,000 per day – A bit more expensive than SES – Betaout Branding


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