Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Using Betaout



1 out of every 5 humans will be an online consumer by the year 2018 according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. With every second internet user expectedly being an online shopper, global eCommerce sales will hit upwards of $4 trillion by the end of this decade. As unprecedentedly as the eCommerce industry soars, it leaves merchants with sobering statistics about a serious pain point that has plagued every player of the game – Shopping Cart Abandonment..

Cart Abandonment, in its essence, refers to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase. According to Baymard Institute, an independent web usability research institute, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate after documenting data from 28 different studies containing statistics on e-commerce shopping cart abandonment stands at 68.81 percent.

The LOSS?  For every $300 that an online seller does make, it loses about $700 in the form of shopping cart abandonments. This honeypot of sales lost online during the checkout process can be recovered using a highly effective sales recovery and remarketing tactic called shopping Cart Recovery. Cart Recovery aims to make it vastly easier for businesses to convert shoppers into buyers by targeting cart abandoners with timely-triggered and contextually relevant re-engagement, enticing them to complete the purchase and hence mitigating cart abandonment.


Why choose Betaout?


Betaout’s Cart Recovery software which sends shopify abandoned cart email is an easy way to engage with your customers and recover abandoned carts. With just a few clicks, you can implement Betaout’s comprehensive cart recovery tool for your Shopify account and send shopify abandoned cart email.

Sometimes, your customers just need a little encouragement in order to proceed with their purchase. Abandoned sales are 10X more likely to convert into actual purchases than other website visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to remind your shoppers to click on the ‘checkout’ button with our powerful data-driven cart recovery software!


Just A Few Clicks – Yield the Power of Betaout’s Cart Recovery Tool


Our cart recovery software is an easy to install and configure tool to send shopify abandoned cart email. With just a few steps, you can create multiple levels of opportunities to re-engage with your cart abandoning customers. The installation should take you only a few minutes. Follow the four simple steps here to see how quick it really is:



First of all,  get the Betaout app by clicking on this link. This link directs to the following page.  Click on the “Get” button to proceed.

Cart Recovery For Shopify



Enter the URL of your store. Afterward, it allows you to login into the page to download the application as is shown in the picture below.

Cart Recovery For Shopify



Click on the “Install App” button.

Cart Recovery For Shopify


In this last step, you need to either create a new Betaout account by “Sign up” or to “Sign in” with your existing account. The sign in page is given below.

Cart Recovery For Shopify

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Betaout for your Shopify store to send shopify abandoned cart email.


What You Get With Betaout for Shopify


Improve Conversion Through In-depth Customer Analytics


The details matter when you’re trying to improve your shopping site’s conversion rate. Betaout provides you with extensive customer data that you won’t find elsewhere. Get the power of information on your side.

Know what drives your customers into making a purchase. With a fiercely competitive commercial market, everything that you do to reach out to your audience has to have a solid basis. This is what you get with Betaout’s in-depth customer analytics.

Betaout provides you with information about your customers that you won’t find elsewhere so that you can trigger shopify abandoned cart email seamlessly. You can plan data-driven campaigns that work, by reaching out to your customers at the perfect time, and with the perfect message. Use data to launch targeted campaigns that encourage your cart abandoners to come back and complete their purchase.

Cart Recovery For Shopify


Gain Insights About Your Store’s Conversion Performance


Know exactly what’s going on with your shopping website. After all, it’s there to sell – it should sell!

With Betaout, you get real-time metrics that provide insight into your site’s performance. See the number and value of abandoned carts. Know which of your marketing campaigns work in bringing back an abandoner. Understand which sales and revenue recovery campaigns work, and why. These metrics help you mold your shopping site into a more effective one and drive you towards your business goals.

Sometimes, there are differences in your expectations from your shopping site to how it actually performs. The best way to improve on your shop’s conversion rate is to know exactly what’s going on. Betaout provides this to you through comprehensive site performance metrics. Know the number and value of abandoned carts. Understand your cart recovery success rate, and analyze which campaigns worked the best.

Cart Recovery For Shopify


Run Information & Segment driven Cart Recovery Campaigns That Work


Craft cart recovery campaigns that are tailored for your different segments and product lines. Don’t default to the “one campaign fits all” mistake which is never going to work. Create tailored campaigns for different market segments. Focus your messaging and look for specific markets.

The Betaout cart recovery tool is comprehensive and exact. And this is the best way to approach your marketing campaign. Know exactly what your customers look for and want. Engage them with communication that works.

Tailor-fit your marketing campaigns according to what works best for your target market. Your message and timing matter when you want to run successful marketing campaigns. This is particularly true for your cart abandoners because they already know about your products and services. What you need to do is to drive your message across at the right time, if you want to convert them into actual customers.

Betaout offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to your marketing campaigns. You can create specific campaigns for different markets, use our filters to zoom in on your different customer and product segments. Create campaigns they can relate with and then lead them back to your website to complete the purchase.

Cart Recovery For Shopify


Use Customizable Messaging to enhance engagement


Create multiple levels of opportunity for re-engagement with Betaout’s extensive selection of responsive email templates. Looks and timing are key to getting your customers to take that final step and complete their purchase. So, reach out through planned campaigns that consider the interests and preferences of your market.

Betaout empowers you with messaging that is fully-customizable. Choose from our extensive collection of responsive email templates. All our templates are tested across multiple devices. Be assured that they will render perfectly when delivered to your customers. After all, looks matter when you’re trying to impress and convince a reluctant buyer.

Cart Recovery For Shopify


Recover Your Lost Sales


There are several factors that affect your target market’s receptivity to your marketing campaigns.

  • Personalization
  • Timing
  • Urgency
  • Effective Call to Action

With Betaout for Shopify, you get a powerful cart recovery tool that is designed for data-driven marketing campaigns and messaging flexibility to send shopify abandoned cart email. The software is your best partner when you want a Shopify shopping cart recovery tool that actually works!

Shopify abandoned cart email works best when you put our analytics and metrics to work. Have a clear idea about your different customer segments. Know them – their needs and motivations to buy. Use this data in creating effective campaigns, and market-tailored messages. Focus on your target, and sell!


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