Types of On-Site Marketing Campaigns



On-site Marketing is the act of engaging with your website visitors and customers through engagement tools like a banner, pop-up, pullout tab etc. Nearly 98% of the visitors on online stores don’t buy on their first visit and 55% abandon the website within the first 15 seconds. For eCommerce companies always on the lookout to optimize their site conversion, using On-site Engagement tools to target visitors and customers with relevant messages is a highly effective way to capture potential customers and generate more sales..


This article will walk you through the three types of On-site Marketing Campaigns you can deploy for your eCommerce store using Betaout.



A Call to Action Campaign allows you to prompt your visitors, leads, and customers to take the action of landing on your targeted page or a link, through various on-site engagement tools. The purpose of a Call To Action Campaign is to engage both site visitors and customers, and take the action as desired by you.

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Email Signup & Lead Capture Campaign helps you to register new customers to your website and grow your mailing list. The purpose of this campaign is to solicit potential leads to enter their email address, through the on-site engagement tools available in Betaout.

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Mobile Lead Capture Campaign helps you to grow your app user base by soliciting site visitors and customers to download your app. This campaign prompts a user to enter their Mobile credentials through on-site engagement tools and then sends them a SMS with a link to download the app.

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