Unconventional Emails to Keep in Touch with Your Subscribers

The aim of every email marketing campaign is to get your marketing message in front of your audience in a personalized and engaging manner. With each email sent, your brand gets more visibility and exposure. The stats says, “58% percent of adult Americans check email first thing in the morning.” With that said, the challenge is to send emails that are relevant & engaging to your audience and clearly outline “What’s In It For Them.” So, tell them up front why they should subscribe. Here are few unconventional ideas to stay top-of-mind with recipients without looking like you are promoting yourself.


1. Kate Spade’s Newsletter Informs & Entertains

Kate Spade’s beautiful newsletter offers a clean & high contrast design to highlight the important message of asking the subscribers to add them to their email address book. An email like this can be used to inform your customers about any changes in your email marketing program including the frequency and timing of your emails. The pre-header in this email includes a clear call-to-action for free shipping and the footer includes link to its new collection with social media buttons placed right at the bottom.



2. ModCloth’s Email Informs and Promotes

ModCloth email is short, simple and clean. This is the type of email you should send to your customers when you make a change in your email marketing program. It is clearly structured and focuses on a single call to action. It’s also a great way to build relation and at the same time promoting your products without looking sales-y at all.



3. Topshop Promotes its Social Media Success With a Unique Visual

Normally brands sends out promotional emails to stay connected with the customers, but Topshop is not relying only on these emails to keep in touch with its customers, they have gone a extra mile with the following email. The emails simply informs the customers about the brand’s social success, which is a great way to build relations and stay connected with the customers. Also, they are giving people a reason to celebrate with the offer, ” A FREE LIPSTICK WHEN YOU ORDER ONLINE”. The footer of the email includes link of its app as well as a referral link to amplify their reach. 



4. J. Crew Encourages People to Create a Wishlist

Lots of brands sends holiday promotional emails, but this one is slightly different from them. Instead of promoting its products directly, J.Crew is asking people to promote its products by asking them to create a wishlist and share it with their friends. The email is clear and effective with easy to follow steps and a strong call to action which will no doubt induce people to take an action. Moreover, they even convince you to make one of your own by telling you about the wishlists your friends have made on the site.



5. Banana Republic Wants to Stay Connected

This email from Banana Republic is short and sweet with just one call-to-action “Update Your Profile.” This is a simple way to get information from your email subscribers in order to send more relevant and personalized offers in their inbox, which ultimately will increase your open and conversion rates. They have included few links in the footer of the email to help readers, as well as encourage them to shop, but doesn’t comes across as sales-y at all. 




6. ModCloth Promotes its Mobile App

ModCloth very well know how to keep customers engaged. And informing them about their new mobile app through this email is another step towards it. The copy is neat yet informative with colorful and eye catching fonts listing the benefits of the app. The CTA button is very creatively designed to make it look more appealing to the viewers and induce them to download the app. The header in the email includes a referral link and the footer of the email has other relevant links to its style gallery, blog and app.



So, let’s get you started! All you need to do is to go to our “Templates” section and choose a template that matches your needs.