Understanding Dimensions and Metrics in Betaout KPI Dashboard Builder


Analyzing data can sometimes be a bit tricky. It requires having a thorough knowledge of the know-hows and intricate details about the functions of the tools and technologies you’re using. One of the aspects of using Betaout KPI Dashboard software for your data visualization is understanding the difference between Dimensions and Metrics. They’re often confused with one another, because of their intertwined usage in analytic tools such as Google Analytics. This article will walk you through the basic definitions of Dimensions and Metrics, how they work in the Betaout KPI Dashboard Software and some examples from within the tool.

  • What is a Dimension?

Dimension: describes the data — qualitative.

Dimension is the one which describes the data, as in the form of its quality. In other words, a dimension is a characteristic of an object that can be given different values based on its properties. A dimension simply tells what the data field is about.

For ex: For an eCommerce company using the Betaout KPI Dashboard software – a location of the user, such as a city could be a dimension.

KPI Dashboard

  • What is a Metric?

Dimension: measures the data — quantitative.

Metric is the one which measures the data, as in the quantity. In other words, a metric is an individual element of a dimension which can be measured as a sum or ratio. A metric simply gives a measure of an element of the dimension.

For ex: For an eCommerce company using the Betaout KPI Dashboard software – the count of order value corresponding to users based on their dimension country could be a metric.

KPI Dashboard

How To Use Dimensions and Metrics in Betaout Dashboard Builder

When you run a query in the Betaout KPI dashboard builder based on the dimension – user country, and the metric corresponding to it – count of order value, this is the outcome:

KPI Dashboard

In order to use dimensions and metrics in Betaout Dashboard Builder, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: In the KPI Dashboard Builder module, click on Create New and select Chart from the drop-down list that opens.

KPI Dashboard

Step 2: Give a name to your chart and click on Create.

KPI Dashboard

Step 3: Enter the fields: Description, Data Source, Query, Limit Results To.

KPI Dashboard

Step 4: Choose the Dimension and Metric. Then click on Run Query to complete the task.

KPI Dashboard