How to use Keyword Targeting in Betaout Onsite Targeting

Hyper-Personalization is in!

What differentiates marketing today from the traditional approach of ‘mass marketing’ is the fact that brands now have the ability to hyper-target and personalize engagement with their customers. As the saying goes, “To each customer, their own”

In order to provide customers with a unique, one-to-one shopping experience, e-commerce stores need to reach out to customers at the place and time of their choice. Marketing campaigns need to be targeted keeping in mind the customer’s preferences and intent.

For On-Site engagement tools like the pop-up, banner etc. Betaout provides more than 25 advanced targeting options such as Target Pages, Device, Platform and more.

In this post, we’ll shed some light on the latest and trending feature “Keyword Targeting

  • What is On-Site Targeting Based On Keyword(s)?

Keyword Targeting refers to a targeting condition which allows you to display on-site engagement tools on your online store’s website pages based on the keywords present on the page’s various elements.

In essence, it is a condition to trigger on-site engagement tools on your website in response to the keywords available on the page.

Keyword targeting allows you to target on-site engagement tools dynamically, based on the keywords on your website which you know in advance.

Keyword Targeting

How It Works

When keyword-based targeting is set-up for on on-site engagement campaign, the Betaout JS Code parses the entire web page for a condition check. Once the prerequisite conditions for the on-site engagement campaign are met, Betaout triggers the campaign activities and the instance is shown to the end-user.


1. On-Site Campaign On Cart Checkout Page To Recommend Items Which Have High Chances Of Being Bought Together.

Suppose a user is buying a new phone, as soon as the JS parses the keyword “phone” it can trigger an on-site engagement tool promoting extended warranty for the same. Since consumers are most likely to buy an extended warranty while purchasing the phone, this could be a great upsell.

Keyword Targeting

2. On-Site Campaign To Promote Sellers On A Marketplace Type Of Online Store.

Keyword Targeting can be used to promote specific sellers on a marketplace set up online store. For ex: if there is a seller whose products and services are the among the highest-grossing, an on-site engagement campaign promoting the seller’s page could be triggered to boost sales volume.

Keyword Targeting

  • How To Set-up Keyword Targeting In Betaout On-Site Marketing?

To set-up Keyword Targeting capability in Betaout On-Site Marketing, follow the steps shared in Betaout’s product guide article series for the type of On-Site Marketing campaign you wish to set-up:


Once you’re on the Target page, follow the steps given below:

Keyword Targeting

Step 1: Scroll down on the Target page to KEYWORD TARGETING and click on the expand (+) icon.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

Step 2: Click on Specific Keyword to select the targeting conditions for the keyword(s) you wish to choose.

Keyword Targeting

Step 3: Now you have to set the final targeting conditions such as keyword and criteria.

  1. Choose AND or OR Condition based on your requirement.

  2. Enter Keyword you wish to target

  3. Enter count for the number of times the keyword should be present on the page

Keyword Targeting

Step 4: Click on Save & Next to go to the next step in setting up your campaign.