What is Betaout?



Betaout is an e-commerce marketing automation software which provides online stores with a comprehensive solution to scale and automate their marketing efforts with ease. The complete marketing stack makes use of advanced segmentation, omni-channel engagement, and customer intelligence to deliver contextual and personalized messages for its customers across multiple targeting channels.

We believe in enriching the process of customer acquisition as well as customer retention through our omni-channel marketing stack which targets customers at various stages of the marketing funnel.

Some of our clients include:


How Betaout can be of help to you:

1. Getting a single view of all your customer data (web, mobile, offline).

Customer Centric Advanced Analytics provides you with prescriptive to descriptive analysis from all the customer data you have. Now gain actionable insights from the user-level data to optimize your business performance. All in a single place with a detailed user profile such as this: Demo Profile.


2. Ability to create real-time Segments and Lifecycles for users, so you know in which stage are users lying and how to move them to next stage.


3. Ability to run Broadcast, Event-triggered and Recurring campaigns.

You can schedule Weekly campaigns, campaigns to run on specific triggers such as inactivity for 30 days and regular broadcast campaigns with advanced segmentation capability. (for ex: inactive people for over 180 days, who are coming to site/app but not clicking my emails, users who are viewing but not converting etc).


4. Seven Effective Marketing Channels With Great ROI:

Email, SMS, Mobile Push, Onsite Engagement, Browser Push, Cart Recovery, Facebook Marketing (custom audience and lookalike).


5. API Integration with other sources of data (offline stores, call/support center etc.)

6. Customer Success

We have an elaborate customer success program for enterprise clients under which a dedicated customer success manager is assigned to the client. The customer success manager (CSM) is responsible for ensuring smooth integration & on-boarding, regular training on existing & new features. Closely working with the customer’s marketing team (brainstorming, coming up with campaign ideas and more) to ensure their goals are achieved with regular reporting on activities.

7. Live Chat functionality for e-commerce stores

Live Chat functionality which comes with integrated e-commerce CRM to provide you with predictive customer engagement. Know better, sell more and increase customer satisfaction levels by responding to customer support tickets on the go. Know more


8. Drag-and-drop Campaign Editor

An easy-to-use Campaign Design Editor which vastly eases creating designs for your various campaigns, that too, across the channel. Create beautiful, device responsive designs with rich elements using the single click drag-and-drop tool in under a few minutes. Know more.


9. The Most Powerful KPI Dashboard Software: Descriptive To Prescriptive Analytics At Your Fingertips

Analytics module that helps you build charts and dashboards without the need to code. Drag and drop query builder. Create charts and dashboards, group, share and download reports as required. Know more


10. Customer Workflow Automation

Customer Workflow Automation enables e-commerce merchants to leverage all of Betaout’s functionalities and features from a single place. Using the powerful multi-channel engagement tool, you can simply drag-and-drop to create targeted workflows to influence the customer’s journey, both on and off your e-commerce store. Know more