6 Awesome Examples of Win-Back Email Campaigns

A number of times your users can become inactive after opening a new account. It is extremely important to win back those users who have abandoned your application after an initial activity. Re-engaging your old customers or prospects is a lot easier than acquiring a new customer. A good win-back campaign can capture some of those inactive subscribers and can help you turn them into customers.

A win-back campaign is also a sure shot way to increase email open rates as your customers have already given you their permission at one point. And unlike new customers, your old customers are already familiar with you. All you need to re-engage your old customers and ultimately drive conversions is a compelling win-back campaign with a personalized subject line and appealing copy. You might choose to include a special offer to entice them. Check-out some of the win-back campaigns that are engaging without being too salesy.


Win-Back Subject Lines

Personalize your win-back subject lines for higher open rates.

  • [First Name], We Want You Back
  • We Miss You [First Name]
  • Where Have You Been [First Name]?
  • Come back to [Company Name]!
  • Did you forget about your [Company Name] account?


1. Eventbrite Win-Back Email with New Features Announcement

Eventbrite is an online ticketing service that is trying to reclaim its lost users by sending them a win-back email which highlights some of the new features the company has launched in their absence. The email focuses on a single call to action “Create an event” to get the user into action though it does includes few other relevant to help the users understand the service better. Overall, the email has an engaging tone to reconnect with the inactive subscriber base.


2. SproutSocial Win-Back Email Pitches Feature Set

SproutSocial is trying to win-back its lost users by highlighting its key features in the email. The clean & simple message is all about the effective copy written in a conversational tone.



3. Postagram’s Win-back Email Reminds Users to Avail Credit Left in Their Account

Postagram’s win-back message is a simple reminder to its subscribers to use the credits left in their account while it also includes a promotional “Refer a Friend” offer to get more credits.



4. BuzzSprout’s Win-Back Email Makes it Exciting With the Latest Updates to Get You into Action

BuzzSprout has kept it fresh & simple with the steps layout. The exciting copy aims to get the inactive users into action by informing them about the latest design updates.



5. Verizon’s Win-Back Email is All About Personalization

Verizon’s re-engagement email is all about personalization; from using the first name, last name to the effective copy, and a thoughtful picture gives a personal touch to the message. The email also includes a special win-back offer with a strong call to action.



6. Dropbox Win-Back Email is Creative

For those Dropbox users, who’re not adding or uploading files in their Dropbox account, this win-back email comes as a reminder to start reusing the service. The email uses creative imagery to establish brand connect with an equally appealing copy highlighting its features.